Fred Mohammed is an extensive Australian Entrepreneur who has found & setup multiple of businesses across the world.

The businesses founded by the Fred Mohammed, Fred is often described as an “instinctive entrepreneur” and has an extensive background in both business and the Logistics, Transporting, 3PL warehousing, Cranes, Facility management, Civil, building, Wealth management sector delivering a sustained track record of commercial success and business growth.

Fred has a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the transport sector and founded the company in 2001 as ‘Hypo Couriers’ and, although he hasn’t always seen himself as an entrepreneur, Fred considers both his, and the company’s main differentiator, is listening to clients and constantly evolved and adapted the Group’s services to meet their needs which have led to unique service offerings being developed.

It is from this passion for customer service that Fred developed the business model which includes a range of innovative business including Crane Trucks R Us, Warehousing R Us, Line haul R Us, Tranzhire R Us, Heavy Haulage R Us, Project Management R Us, Tranz Civil, Tranz Facility Management, Tranz Transport and Skills R Us which is a registered training organisation with a dedicated focus on the transport and logistics sector.