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Build a sustainable and greener environment with Fred Mohammed’s wind turbine generator

Fred Mohammed is a leading Wind Turbine Generator company that has supremely efficient, reliable and robust wind turbines. We have created world class facilities established in Australia to manufacture and supply a wide range of turbines to cater the global market.

We believe in offering top class solutions in deploying wind energy while reducing the impact of relic generation. We believe that the Wind industry growth will be noteworthy and will provide a feasible alternative for power.

To accelerate our ability in making a significant involvement to the energy issues, Fred Mohammed has entered into a licensed technical agreement with world leading industries.

We have proper set up in Australia with professional work force, Wind generator experts of various fields at different levels. Our wind turbines are proven turbines in the competitive market for its brilliant performance and hassle free operation.

Types of Turbines:

    • GWP 47 -750 KW: this particular turbine has an active stall regulated with wind turbine with a rotating diameter of 47 meter. It has 21 meter long blades can be feathered to attain optimal procedure conditions at both high and low wind speeds. It combines both pitch and stall regulated with turbines.
    • GWP MY-1500 KW: it has three blades, double fed variable speed generator, independent pitch control and an up wind. It offers multiple platforms and allows the clients to use renewable energy solution in all weather conditions. It also has specially designed blades that optimize turbine performance in all wind routines.
    • GWP 82-2000 KW: it has hollow main shaft for direct interior access to the hub. The magnet generator is useful in both full and partial load. The energy capture is very high especially in partial load. All the services can be done internally from the turbine. The generator is closed from outside and has a proficient passive cooling system that make sit withstand in the most coastal and dust environments.
    • GWP 100-2500 KW: it has sent new standards as it is optimally suitable on all sites and weather conditions. It has an intelligent control method that reduces the typical peak load by producing the windward and tipping of the tower head that occurs during positive and quick blade adjustment process.