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Electric hoist- the most widely recognised tool

Hoists are usually helpful in lowering, raising and transporting materials and goods in industrial setting where cranes or conveyor system are functional or feasible. The hoist integrates the use of chain, cable, rope with a system or pulley to offer lifting capabilities. They can also be operated manually or powered by hydraulic, pneumatic air or electricity.

The most widely recognised hoist system are majorly found in elevators, even though there are other application over many industries which includes paper, automotive, mining, automotive, gas, forestry, shipyards, petroleum, nuclear and energy.

Hoists used in pharmaceutical appliance may be required to lift super heavy loads in a clean room environment. Food service hoists must meet the requirement of sanitary standards for safe food handling. The hoist used in production facilities may have a withstand with intense temperature, toxic or harsh environment or incessant heavy operation. Hoists may even be detonation proof for use in the areas where material like flammable is handles

Some other type of electric hoists is:


  • Boat hoist: are lifting units specifically designed to lower and raise boats, these boat hoists are typically electrically or hydraulically powered and can lift up to 20,000 pounds.
  • Auxiliary hoists: are basically supplemented hoists that are used to hold light loads at a advanced speed that the main hoist
  • Modular hoists: it has an integral motor, drum and gearbox with no visible shaft couplings between them.


Fred Mohammed uses a high range of products for numerous professional applicants. Our hoist convinces through the robust, compact and modular technical and construction evaluation. Our hoists are supremely engineered and efficient for long term purpose.

Benefits of choosing Fred Mohammed’s hoists:

  • Easy maintenance: each part of the hoists is made up of modular construction designed in keeping the easy maintenance.
  • Hoist completely tested in house and wired for 125% of the designed weight capacity.
  • Shorter delivery period
  • The standard hoists are produced in bulk and faster delivery can be done in case of emergency.