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Fred Mohammad is a certified company who manufacture high quality of Rock Drilling Accessories and Equipments. We provide one stop solution of all your coring, drilling, mining and construction needs built on state-of-art technology. Fred Mohammed’s collections of products have impelled many quarry and construction industries to the higher level of drilling efficiency along with quality results. As a leading industry known for its remarkable product innovation in mining equipments, Fred Mohammad has not only maintained its reputation of providing superior product that enables the most tedious tasks of drilling very easily even in the harsh circumstances. Looking forward, we restate our commitment to supply clients all over the world the fine quality of drilling equipments that will meet the requirements of current drilling industry.

The different types of drilling equipments offered by us are:

  • Crawler Drill:is initially designed for toe hitch application and blast hole. Air Crawler Drill is amongst the finest and superlative performer pneumatic crawler. This particular crawler is capable of drilling 105-115 mm hole at a depth of 36mtr used in tunneling, quarrying and open cast mines for blasting and drilling purposes. Pneumatic or drifter top hammer can be accommodated instead of a rotary head.
  • Hydraulic Crawler:is a model crawler mounted driller designed for toe hitch and blast hole application. It is one of the premium and finest Hydraulic Drill capable of handling approx 10 feet of drill tube.
  • Wagon Drill:Wagon Drill is capable of drilling 102-115 mm dia to a depth of 36mts. It is mainly used in quarries, open cast mines, blasting purpose and drilling of civil works.. This Drill is designed for exact drilling mounted on rugged box frame fixed on wheels for trouble-free shifting from hole to hole and able to drill holes both horizontal and vertical position to suit in Indian stipulation.
  • Inwell Type rig:this type of rig can drill 90-115 mm holes to a depth of 30 to 100 mts used for blasting and drilling purpose in open cast mine consist of chain feed mast to handle 73/76 dia OD x 5 feet long drill pipe fitted with 8 HP feed unit and 6 HP rotation unit as per clients requirement mounted on triangular bottom frame with controls, three adjusting screws, air line lubricator and hoses.
  • Tractor mounted Rig:this mounted rig is available in various sizes, model and working capacities. The equipment is provided with hydraulic system, injection pump, rotary head that assist in performing 41/2 to 61/2 dia bore holes up to 500 feet. This rig is known for its rod handling capacity; these are also provided with supplementary attachment such as centrifugal pump driven by hydraulic motor or deck engine.
  • Anchor Drill:it is a heavy duty mounted drilling rig for drilling raw-boned holes from 20 degree vertical to horizontal to a depth of 30 meters specially used for drilling grout holes for intensification of base. The pole is capable of managing 76mm dia x 5 feet drill pipe fitted with 4.5 HP feed unit and 4.5 HP rotation unit. The mast is lower by hydraulic cylinder operated by direction control manually or valve operated as per customization.